Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow Day on Monarch Trail

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Location: Monarch Trail, Dundas Valley Conservation Area
Getting There: Park in DVCA Parking Lot off of Old Ancaster Road
Species of Note: None today!
Obscurity Rating: 3/5 - Often one or two vehicles parked here, you'll likely meet one or two groups out for a walk.

On December 27, I kicked-off this not-yet-daily habit with a short walk at the Dundas Valley Conservation Area on the Monarch Trail just off of Old Ancaster Road. Today's walk was short -- roughly 20 minutes or so and there's not much to say about it other than it was nice and snowy! After several years of snow-free Decembers, it was nice to see a fair amount of snow on the ground.

On this day I didn't have any idea that I'd start setting a goal to do this daily at any point, it was just something I felt I needed to do after so many days of not feeling well over the holidays, and after having been sick twice in the last two months. It's not often I get sick -- cold or flu, maybe once a year at most. The last cold I got I think was some time in 2010, perhaps 2009.

I'm of course writing this in retrospect, about a month later from logs via iPhone apps I've used to keep track of my time out hiking. In this case, this counts as my first day in a (as of writing) 28 day streak of hiking trail check-ins on Foursquare. On this hike there were no birds or other animals of note, and I didn't record a GPS track of the walk like I do in later walks.

To be clear though, hiking around Hamilton isn't a new thing for me. I'd usually go out at least once a week, and going back some years I did used to often hit a lot of local mountain biking and multi-use trails on my bike. What I'm hoping to get out of this is a bit more time out of the house and office, a greater understanding of the ecology of the region, and something new to talk about.

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