Monday, January 7, 2013

A Quiet Walk in Warren Park

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Location: Spring Creek Trail @ Warren Park, Dundas
Getting There (transit): Take HSR Bus #52 to Governor's at Overfield, walk down Overfield to Tally Ho until you reach Lantern Lane.
Getting There (car): Park near Tally Ho and Lantern Lane. Entrance is opposite Lantern Lane.
Species of Note: The usual Chickadee / Nuthatches / Cardinals
Obscurity Rating: 2.5/5 - A small sub-urban park, well known to locals.
Data: eBird Checklist

While today's hiking was rather uneventful -- no unusual species sightings, no new and interesting discoveries, it is the beginning of a test of sorts. How do I handle having a normal work week, yet still do this?

For years now I've been very much a workaholic. Getting out to have a hike was something I saved for "spare time", every once and I while I'd think about doing it more often, but it always came down to this: if I considered it optional, I'd not end up doing it at all. There's always something more urgent that needs doing, something more important to do now.

This hike at the start of the first normal work week since the holidays and since I decided to try to get out more has to begin to set the standard by which I act from here on in. It needs to be part of a routine. Even if it's not the same time of day each time (it's definitely not so far), it needs to be done at some point.

If anything, the hike has helped clear my head a bit in order to help transition me from work at the office to work at home. I often do my more focused work at home (programming) and do the planning and organizing at the office, but it's difficult to do both in the same day. The planning/organizing tends to exhaust me quite a bit, so much it does generally make coding later that day difficult. Something as simple as a hike seems to have helped give a bit of transition time between the two though, and hopefully that can be one of the ways I can work it into a routine: as a transitional break in the day.

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