Monday, January 14, 2013

A Short Loop at the Dundurn Stairs

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Location: Various Trails @ Dundurn Stairs, Hamilton
Directions: Park at the south end of Dundurn Street, near the stairs.
Transit Directions: Take the 7 HSR bus to Hillcrest Loop.
Obscurity Rating: 0/5 - the Dundurn Stairs, Chedoke Radial Trail, and Bruce Trail all converge here. None of them are obscure!

This was a day where I needed a quick walk during lunch, not too far from the office. Having lived around the Dundurn area previously, I know all about various trails at the escarpment. There are enough here to hike however long you want, so I chose to do what worked out to be about a 20 minute loop.

Since I don't have a proper GPS track for this one (when I recorded it I only had in mind the idea of adding the Bruce Trail to Google Maps, not keep track of all my walking), I'll quickly describe the route: take the Chedoke Trail east (towards downtown), and just before it meets Hillcrest, take an unmarked trail up the hill, which meets with the Bruce Trail. Take the Bruce trail west to Dundurn stairs, and either take the stairs down, or walk alongside the stairs back down.

This took a bit longer than it might on most days as it was still rather warm for a January day, and the mud made things difficult. I hope next time I stop here for a walk I have more than 20 minutes, as there's a really nice loop I haven't walked in years that can be done in the other direction involving the Bruce Trail headed west, meeting up with the Chedoke Trail at the Chedoke Golf Course.

In short -- a quick, short, but not easy (it is uphill against the escarpment!) hike for when you only have a few minutes and can't get too far from downtown!

(No pictures today.. sorry!)

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