Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bruce County Rail Trail

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Location: Bruce County Rail Trail @ Brant Sideroad 5 South, Walkerton, ON
Directions: Best to use the map. Park at the side of the road where the trail crosses.
Species of Note: Northern Shrike
Obscurity: Low - Locally known, well signed.
Data: eBird Checklist

Today was wet. Very wet. We caught a break from the wet weather late in the day, and decided to hit a very easy walk where there was no chance to slip and fall down a hill or anything. Rail trails are great for days like this!

This weekend we were up north in Bruce County visiting family and getting away for the weekend, thus the trail I'm logging here is nowhere near Hamilton!

The hike was fairly normal, nothing much to talk about until the very end. I don't know why, but it seems most of my best bird finds happen just at the end of a walk. This time it was a lone Northern Shrike, perched atop a tree clear in view. Well, clear for someone with binoculars. The shrike is not a common sight, a rare example of a predatory songbird.

Looking forward to returning in the spring, when this rail trail system is a great resource for finding breeding songbirds.

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