Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ginger Valley Trail

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Location: Ginger Valley Trail, RBG Cootes Paradise
Directions: Park at Parkview Dr in Westdale, next to Churchill Park
Transit Directions: Any HSR #5 bus into Westdale, and walk north to the RBG. This trail can be entered via Ravine Road Trail or Churchill Park
Species of Note: Red Fox, Hairy Woodpecker, Carolina Wren
Obscurity: Very Low - popular area to hike
Data: GPS Track | eBird Checklist

Another very cold day at Churchill Park! A chilly -16 degree Celsius was at least accompanied by some sun and very little wind.

Even though this hike was a relatively short 25-minute hike, it was fairly eventful. After last week's encounter with Pine Siskins working out so well because I had my old camera 4x zoom camera with me, I've decided to bring it along until I can get a better one. That was a good choice on my part.

First up: a red fox! I've never seen, nor heard of anyone seeing a red fox in Cootes before -- until now. It's been nearly a year since I last saw one near Walkerton.

I do need a better camera

Following that excitement, came some loud-and-proud singing Carolina Wrens, right in front of me. Not just singing, but also making some of their territorial noises too.

I really do need a better camera
Following, this a couple Hairy Woodpeckers!

And to end off the hike, some American Goldfinches..

Hard to see, but there's a few Goldfinches in the photo
.. and a bright male Northern Cardinal.

Time to start researching good lightweight point & shoot zoom cameras...

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