Friday, January 18, 2013

McCormack Trail North

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Location: McCormack Trail, Governor's Road Conservation Area / Dundas Valley Conservation Area
Directions: Take Governor's Road west out of Dundas, and just past the entrance to the DVCA is an intersection on the right. Park at the intersection off to the side, not in front of gate as farm vehicles use this road for access.
Transit: Take HSR #5 to Pirie at Governors. Walk west until you reach the trailhead.
Species of Note: Horses, Great Horned Owl (not found today though)
Obscurity Rating: 2.5/5 - A lot of people drive by here without knowing there's a trail here. Expect to encounter either no one or a couple of people. Part of the Bruce Trail.
Data: eBird Checklist | GPS Track

If you've driven by this area and thought that this tract of land was just a regular farm, you could easily be forgiven. A sign is now finally up at the trailhead for this amazing hike, but unless you turn your head towards this old road entrance you'd miss that it's even part of the conservation area.

Today was a great day for this trail: a new fresh coat of snow, and a bright sun overhead.

This is probably one of the top hikes in Hamilton for having a rich variety of landscapes, vistas, and varying types of trail. Some of it is flat and easy. Some is a bit steep, some in the woods, some in the fields. At the highest point, you can see over the whole of lower Dundas. The trail is not overcrowded (most people don't know of it), and you can either just walk the old road, or go deeper and explore more rough terrain. It has everything for the beginning hiker to the more advanced naturalist looking to explore a diverse ecosystem of wetlands, deciduous and coniferous forest, rolling hills, open field, and trickling creek.

For those who love to see farm animals up close, you might be able to see grazing horses along the road portion of the trail.

Last time I was here in mid-September, I heard (but did not see, sadly) a Great Horned Owl hooting in the woods. I'll be back again to look and listen for this owl again some day soon.

Snow falling from the trees as I was walking

The old road section

The eastern section is partly rolling hills

The view over Dundas


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