Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Princess Point Trails - Shore Section

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Location: Princess Point Trail @ RBG Cootes Paradise & Princess Point Park
Transit: Take the HSR #8 to Princess Point
Directions: Take Longwood Road North from Westdale, until it meets Macklin Street North, and park at the lot
Species of Note: Carolina Wren
Obscurity: Very low -- a lot of joggers frequent these trails
Data: GPS Track

This was a nice short hike along the shore of the Desjardins Canal. Due to the inclement weather I was expecting to instead walk the Desjardins Recreation Trail, a paved trail, though I got sucked in via a paved portion of this trail that then became unpaved, and by then I was hooked.

This section of the RBG is one where a tallgrass prairie is being restored, although you almost wouldn't be able to tell by looking. There's no real tall grass yet, but it's in the early stages of restoration. Many signs here educate the onlooker about the work being done here to naturalize the space better.

I may have ended up muddier than I expected, but it was a nice walk in any case, and I even got some nice pictures of the melting waters. One of them even made it somehow onto the CBC.

Muddy, muddy trail!

24 hours earlier, this had been froze solid enough to skate on

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