Monday, January 21, 2013

RBG Rock Chapel

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Location: Escarpment Trail (eastern section) @ RBG Rock Chapel Sanctuary, Flamborough
Directions: Area is along Rock Chapel Road. Parking area is closed in winter, park along the road.
Obscurity: Low, well known conservation area
Data: GPS Track | eBird Checklist

Today's hike was a quick and relatively uneventful excursion. Uneventful, but not boring. The Escarpment Trail (part of the Bruce Trail) is an oft-hiked scenic-vista-filled experience -- never a dull hike. The views over the multiple lookout points over Hamilton and Dundas are always amazing.

For a nice 30-minute or more loop, you can walk the Rock Chapel Trail combined with the eastern half of the Escarpment Trail.

As always, the most interesting species encounter was at the end of the hike. Just where the parking lot is, there was a red squirrel chewing away very loudly. Earlier, as I had started the hike, someone was trying keep their dog from going into the bushes, barking the direction of where this squirrel was standing tall, chewing away loudly. Now I know why! Unfortunately, he wouldn't stand still enough to get a photo -- I'm not even sure if my iPhone can even zoom that well anyways.

In the far-off blurry distance: Hamilton downtown. In my future: a better camera.

One of many educational signs here

A view over the eastern area of Dundas

A light sprinkling of snow on the trail

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