Friday, February 1, 2013


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Location: Homestead Trail @ Dundas Valley Conservation Area
Directions: Take Governor's Road out of Dundas, and turn south at Sulphur Springs Road. Park at the Gatehouse for the Hermitage/DVCA trails
Species of Note: Many animal tracks in the snow
Obscurity: Medium-Low - a lesser-known DVCA trail
Data: GPS Track

Today's hike was a great combination of sunny and snowy. The trail was completely fresh, at around 10am I was the first person on it all day, as the light dusting of overnight snow had been undisturbed except by squirrels, rabbits, and deer.

The Homestead is a great short-ish loop trail in the DVCA, especially useful for one of those times when you want to go to the DVCA but you don't have time to do the whole Main Loop. It also would make a decent skiing trail, should you have snow and some cross-country skis.

Maybe squirrel tracks?

Nice traditional wooden fence along the crossing of Sulphur Springs Road

Frozen creek, leading to a minor waterfall

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