Trail Log 2013

Every day at a minimum I hike a new trail - one that takes at least a 20 minute walk, though these hikes have averaged about 45 minutes. This is a list of all the "unique" hikes I've done in 2013, sometimes with section information denoted when a trail is long enough to do in chunks. I originally endeavoured to end this streak every three months so I'd get to possibly see each trail once a season, however since I still have a ton trails to get through, and often get a second (or third) hike in a day to do the repeats, I've decided to keep on going as long as it is viable.

Trails are within either the new City of Hamilton borders, or the watershed of Hamilton Harbour unless denoted with an asterisk (*).


  1. Lafarge 2000 Trail (south of Safari Rd)
  2. Wedeln Run (partial, west end)
  3. West Pond Trail 
  4. Spencer Woods Trail (south side of Spencer Creek)
  5. Fletcher Creek Trail 
  6. * Fisherville Raptor Preserve
  7. Spring Creek Trail (Warren Park section)
  8. Spencer Creek Trail (east of Dundas St.)
  9. Glen Fergunson Side Trail & Webster's Falls Side Trail (Dundas Peak section)
  10. Celeb's Walk
  11. Hopkin's Loop
  12. * Ravine Lookout Trail (in Bronte Prov. Park)
  13. Waterdown North Wetland Trail
  14. Bruce Trail / Chedoke Radial Trail Loop (Dundurn Stairs area)
  15. Princess Point Trail (woodland section)
  16. Bull's Point Trail
  17. Sulphur Creek Trail (east section)
  18. McCormack Trail (north of Governor's Road)
  19. * Bruce County Rail Trail near Walkerton, ON
  20. * Private Trails near Walkerton, ON
  21. Escarpment Trail (from Rock Chapel Rd lot to Rock Chapel Loop Trail)
  22. Ginger Valley Trail
  23. Lafarge 2000 Trail (north of Flambourough Concession 6 W)
  24. Creek Side Walk
  25. Monarch Trail (Old Dundas Rd to Artaban Rd)
  26. Powerline - Gravel Pit - Headwaters Trail (western loop section)
  27. Red Hill Trail (Globe Park section)
  28. Spring Creek Trail (from Bridlewood Dr west to the pond)
  29. Chedoke Woodland Trail
  30. Princess Point Trail (shore section)
  31. Bruce Trail (Berry Tract section - Valley Rd to Patterson Rd)


  1. Homestead Trail
  2. Open Field Trail - Boardwalk Trail
  3. Pioneer Trail
  4. Bruce Trail (Sherman Falls to Canterbury Falls)
  5. McMaster Forest trails
  6. Escarpment Trail (western section)
  7. Olympic Woods Trail
  8. South Quay Trail - Hillside Trail - Cootes Dr Path (snow day loop)
  9. Webster's Falls Side Trail (Tew's Falls to escarpment descent)
  10. Main Loop
  11. Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail (Mineral Springs Rd to Summit Station)
  12. Sassfras Point Trail
  13. Bruce Trail (Patterson Rd towards Highway 6)
  14. Captain Cootes Trail (eastern section)
  15. Tiffany Falls Side Trail
  16. * The Red Trail (Taquanya Conservation Area)
  17. Webster's Falls Side Trail (Webster's Falls section)
  18. * The Pothole Trail (Rockwood Conservation Area)
  19. Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail (Sanctuary Park to Bumblebee Hill)
  20. Grindstone Marshes Trail (Spring Gardens Rd to Snake Rd)
  21. Monarch Trail (Old Dundas Rd, 2/3rds of the way to Little John Park)
  22. Spencer Creek Trail (the Willows section)
  23. Dofasco 2000 Trail (Tenth Rd to Eleventh Rd)
  24. Headwaters Trail - Lookout Trail 
  25. Sawmill Trail (western section)
  26. Fillman Road Side Trail
  27. Spencer Creek Trail (south of Cootes Dr)
  28. Orange Trail (Eramosa Karst)


  1. Spring Valley Trail - Headwaters Trail - Hilltop Trail
  2. Grey Doe Trail - Hickory Valley Trail
  3. Lafarge 2000 Trail (north of Flamborough Concession 8 W)
  4. * Swayze Falls Trail (Short Hills Prov Park) - Palaeozoic Path
  5. * Black Walnut Trail (Short Hills Prov Park)
  6. Red Hill Valley Trail (Queenston section)
  7. Merrick Lane - Groundhog Hill
  8. Headwaters Trail (Griffin House to western loop section)
  9. * Blue Trail - Red Trail (Saugeen Conservation Trails near Mildmay, ON)
  10. * Huron Fringe Trail - Old Shore Road Trail (MacGregor Point Prov Park near Port Elgin, ON)
  11. Heritage Trail (DVCA)
  12. Hamilton Beach Trail (near Burlington Lift Bridge)
  13. Webster's Falls Side Trail (cemetery to Tew's Falls section)
  14. Monarch Trail (Artaban Rd to Sulphur Creek Link Trail)
  15. Reforestation Trail
  16. * Scarlet Tanager Trail (Short Hills Prov Park)
  17. Captain Cootes Trail (western section to Bull's Point)
  18. John White Trail
  19. Escarpment Trail (Rock Chapel Rd through to Borer's Falls Conservation Area)
  20. Grindstone Marshes Trail (eastern section)
  21. Deer Run - Sawmill Trail (eastern section)
  22. Sulphur Creek Trail
  23. Tyneside Trail
  24. Wedeln Run - Lowland Trail - Hill & Dale
  25. McCormack Trail (trail centre to Governor's Rd)
  26. North Bridle Trail - South Bridle Trail
  27. G. Donald Trail
  28. Trees of Ontario Trail
  29. * Tallgrass Trails (Long Point Prov Park) & Weston Family Trail (Backus Woods Nature Preserve)
  30. Gatehouse Trail - Lake Niapenco Trail
  31. Bruce W. Duncan Memorial Trail


  1. Bruce Trail (Sherman Falls to Heritage Trail section)
  2. Bruce Trail (Woodley Lane to Davidson Blvd Side Trail section)
  3. Bruce Trail (Davidson Blvd Side Trail to McCormack Trail section)
  4. Spring Creek Trail (trail centre to pond) - Chickadee Way
  5. Iroquoia Heights Side Trail
  6. 'Round the Lake Trail
  7. * Selkirk Trails (Selkirk Prov. Park)
  8. Lake Jojo North Trail
  9. Rockcliffe Trails (unnamed eastern single track trails)
  10. Sulphur Creek to Groundhog Hill via Sulphur Creek Link Trail
  11. Delsey Wetland - Lake Jojo South Trail
  12. Tollgate Ponds Trail
  13. Chippewa Trail (south of Miles Rd)
  14. * Bruce Trail (Beamer Memorial Conservation Area)
  15. Unnamed Trails north of Monarch Trail west of Old Dundas Road
  16. Chedoke Radial Trail & Bruce Trail (Chedoke Stairs to Lower Chedoke Falls)
  17. Optimists Trail
  18. Rockcliffe Side Trail - Green Trail (Rockcliffe) - Birkley's Crossing - Dan & Ruth's Trail
  19. * Bruce Trail (Kerncliffe Park)
  20. Shaw Tract unnamed fenceline trail
  21. Lasalle Park Trail
  22. Bruce Trail (Valley Rd to Ray Lowes Side Trail)
  23. Windemere Basin Trail
  24. Spencer Creek Trail (Mill Street section)
  25. Spencer Creek Trail (downtown section)
  26. Iroquoia Heights Access Trail
  27. Dam Trail (Binbrook CA)
  28. Spring Creek Trail (Sanctuary Park to Warren Park section)
  29. Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail through Binkley Hollow & side trails near Powers Crossing
  30. King Side Trail / Bruce Trail west of Kerncliffe Park
  1.  Armstrong Trail (Rock Chapel)
  2. Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail (Hwy 52 toward west)
  3. White-tailed Deer Trail (Christie Wildlife Area)
  4. Ancaster Rotary Trail (eastern section) & Yellow Trail (Rockcliffe Trails)
  5. Waterfront Trail (Beachway Park)
  6. RBG Reforestation Trails (north of the Arboretum)
  7. Dundas Valley CA unnamed single-track trails off Old Dundas Road
  8. Heritage Walk (western section, Crooks' Hollow)
  9. RBG Parkview Ave Trails
  10. Hilltop Trail (south terminus) and Hilltop-Headwaters Link Trail
  11. Greenhill Ave Side Trail
  12. Westover Road Trail & Lafarge 2000 Trail (north of 9th Concession)
  13. Bruce Trail (east of Old Guelph Road dead end to Mountain Brow Trail)
  14. Bruce Trail (east of Sherman Falls to Tiffany Falls Side Trail)
  15. Ray Lowes Side Trail & Borer's Falls unnamed creekside trail
  16. Thornapple Loop (west side)
  17. * Bruce Trail (Balls Falls CA)
  18. * Biener Trails (Southampton, ON)
  19. * Black Creek Provincial Park trails
  20. * Stoney Island Conservation Area trails (Kincardine, ON)
  21. Paddy Greene Field Loop
  22. Spring Valley Loop
  23. McMaster Forest (western trails)
  24. Berry Tract side trail off of Thornapple Loop, Bruce Trail
  25. * Wrigley's Lake CA trails (Waterloo region)
  26. Thornapple Loop (whole)
  27. Bruce Trail (east of Fillman Road Side Trail)
  28. Sydenham Road Side Trail to Upper Sydenham Falls
  29. Rotary Trail (western section) and Golf Links Park Trail
  30. Bruce Trail (west of dead end at Old Guelph Road)
  1. Waterdown Wetland Trail (north section)
  2. Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail (east of Jerseyville section
  3. Nicholson Resource Area Loop
  4. Unnamed side trails off of Valley Inn Road along ridge
  5. Old Mineral Springs Road Trail
  6. Cascades Park Ridge Trail

Google Maps -- Adding Trails

My method currently is to records a GPS track of the trail using Cyclemeter/Walkmeter/Runmeter for iOS, which also keeps track of a lot of interesting data: kilometers walked, time, pace, and that data can be exported to services such as dailymile, which can graph the data into neat charts. The best thing it can do though, is provide you with a KML file, which can be overlaid over Google Mapmaker so one can create a new trail/road on the map with it.

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